Saturday, 22 March 2014

Brilliant Endeavor by Corporate Film Maker on “Dronacharya The Gym”

Documentary on Mr. Bhupendra Dhawan owner at Dronacharya The GYM

This Documentary Film Includes the Interview

1Mr. Dinesh Aswal - (Commonwealth champion, South Asia champion in bodybuilding and, 5th rank in Mr. Universe in Bodybuilding)
2Mr. Mukesh Singh - (4 time Mr. India overall tittle winner in Bodybuilding and Asian silver medalist in Bodybuilding and World champion in Powerlifting)
3Mr. Prem Bahadur (Jony Bhai) - (Asia silver medalist in powerlifting, and Mr. India in bodybuilding)
4Mr. Anup Singh - (President Haryana Bodybuilding Association, and Counsellor of Haryana)
5Mr. Rakesh Yadav - (Mr. India in Bodybuilding)
6Mr. Anand Kumar - (Mr.India silver medalist in Bodybuilding and Haryana Champion)
7Mr. Shyam Singh - (Asian Champion subjunior and junior in Powerlifting, and Commonwealth champion)
8Mr. Jaswant Singh - (Junior Mr.India Bronze medalist in Bodybuilding)
9Mr. Gyan Singh - (Gen. secretory of Delhi Bodybuilders Association)
10Mr. Manoj Aggrwal - ( Vice president of Delhi Powerlifters Association)
11Mr. Sumeet Khurana - (Joint secretory of Delhi Powerlifters Association)
12Mr. Prince - (Vice president of Delhi Powerlifters Association)
13Mr. Dalip Sharma & Riya Sharma - ( Commonwealth champion Junior and Asia silver medalist)
14Mr. Sudershan Khanna - (Member of Advisory board of The Gym)
15Mr. Suresh Kumar Lau - (Fitness Expert and Director of Sport in Satyawati Collage and Member of Advisory board of The Gym)
16Mr. Gaurav Sharma - (Commonwealth junior champion and Asia Silver Medalist)
17Mr. Seema Chopra - (National champion in Powerlifting)
18Mr. Surinder Yadav - (National champion in Powerlifting, and Mr. India in Bodybuilding)
19Mr. Anil Sharma - ( 2 time Gold and Silver medalist in International disable Paralympic championship)
20Mr. Dharm Singh - (2 time all India university overall champion in Bodybuilding)
21Mr. Surender Gogi - (North India Championship and Mr. India in Bodybuilding)
22Mr. Daya Chhand - (Junior National champion in powerlifting and fourth place in junior World Powerlifting Championship)
23Mr. Akshay Dutta (Moni) - (Delhi state Champion in Powerlifting)
24Bhupender Sharma - (Participated in Asian Bodybuilding championship in China and Federation Cup champion in Bodybuilding)
25Mr. Virender Malhan - (3 time Mr. India and Mr. World 4th rank in Bodybuilding)
26Mr. Kuldeep Singh Sandhu - (Silver medalist in sub-junior World powerlifting championship)
27Mr. Jitender Yadav - (2 time Mr. India silver medalist and participated in Mr. World Bodybuilding championship in 2012)
28Mr. Vikas Kumar - (Bronze medal in Mr. India in Bodybuilding)
29Mr. Surender Singh - (Mr.India in Bodybuilding)
30Miss Sonal Kapoor - ( Fitness Expert )
31Mr. Sujeet Khatri -(Vice president of Delhi Bodybuilders Association)
32Mr. Rajesh Solanki - (Joint sec. of Delhi Bodybuilders Association)

At Corporate Film Makers we surpass in the field of film making whether its ad film, tv ad film or corporate films. We have made the most precious film on “Dronacharya The Gym”. This documentary is based on the life and struggle of Sh. Bhupendra Dhawan who is known as the master of weight lifting.

 In our film we have captured such instants of his life which helped him to become a leading instructor of weight lifting. Our documentary gives a clear scenario of his childhood memories and his great effort for the name and fame he has earned today and how he has been awarded the most precious award of Dronacharya.

Any documentary is incomplete without the output of the effort performed. We have shown the typical aspects of his journey along with the bites of his own students who have attained a good position in the field of weight lifting. 

We have made sure to deliver a quality work. Due to the indoor and outdoor location we have used specific lighting and camera techniques which have enhanced the work eminence. This film is inspiring and boosting the mental ability of a person and while making this documentary we have also found a great enthusiasm in our own selves which force us to perform better than the best. 


Saturday, 8 March 2014

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Corporate Film Shooting of Arwachin World Business School by Ajay Walia
 Corporate Film Shooting of Arwachin International School Dilshad Garden

Arwachin International School Dilshad Garden  Corporate Videos By Film Maker & Director Ajay Walia
 Corporate Videos By Film Maker & Director Ajay Walia 

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